Sunday, March 8, 2015

Whole 30: Day Zero

About thirty seconds ago, two people rode by our house on a tandem bike and the front person (an adult male) was wearing giraffe footie pajamas. No joke. Spring is in the air and it makes us stir-crazy Minnesotans do crazy things! Like wear giraffe costumes, evidently. And embark on Whole 30 Challenges. Oy.

I'm still excited - I think we always have something to gain from added discipline in our lives, and I can't wait to see how my body reacts to this way of eating - but more nervous as my start date approaches. (Tomorrow!)

What I have learned so far, just from research, planning, thinking, and grocery shopping:

1. Meat is expensive.
2. Most pork products, including all ham, all bacon, and most sausage available at the Wedge, are prepared with sugar of some kind. The exception was prosciutto.
3. Whole foods take up a lot of space in the refrigerator.

What I have made so far:

1. Lara bars
2. Chicken stock
3. Hard-boiled eggs
4. Magic green sauce

What I have decided not to make:

1. Homemade mayo
2. Salsa

I'll just use olive oil in my tuna salad, and I'm going to stick with the magic green sauce for now with my morning eggs. Salsa maybe later in the week.

Godspeed my friends! My plan is to complete a post daily from now through April 9, including the following info:

1. What I intended to eat
2. What I actually ate
3. How I feel and other impressions
4. Any recipes/photos worth sharing
5. Upcoming meal plan/aspirations

I hear Day 3 totally sucks. I'll let you know for sure though!

P.S. Since I did a good job working through all our healthy-but-Whole-30-non-compliant foods this week, today might involve a cinnamon roll and pizza bender.


  1. Here we go! GO TEAM! Today I will be (already started) indulging on "FF" (see. Louis CK) treats. Good motivation from good people, good music, and possibly meditation of some kind will see us through.

    1. Right? I believe in us! We're going out for pizza. But then all the cheese in my refrigerator made me think I should just stay in and eat cheese all night.

    2. I hope you'll be posting updates here and/or on Facebook too, Tommy.

  2. Sure, this will be our journal...the struggles, the small triumphs (hours endured at a time), etc. I'm big on sweets, so I'm gonna make a run tonight pound like 3 terrible juices I normally don't drink, and maybe a bag of licorice. Seriously, I'm a juice head. I drink real juices, but still...I see 30 days of only coffee, water and tea as just as big an accomplishment. I'm in decent shape since I still play bball, but I got away from my predominantly vegan habits since I went abroad and came back. Everything is so expensive in Norway, so special food lifestyles are impossible as a journeyman. (Actually, in Norway, one simply eats less in general to save money.)