Sunday, March 29, 2015

Day 21: What I ate, what I didn't

This morning we hosted a birthday brunch honoring my son, husband, and father-in-law. Lest you remain unconvinced of how v. truly in-this-to-win-this I am, behold all that I resisted:

Birthday Brunch Food

And YES that sure is Aunt Judy's Egg Casserole, top left. As well as apple danish, banana cream pie, and sea salt caramel chocolate cake, the latter two from Lucia's. I wanted to bake birthday cake myself but not licking cake batter from my fingers is kind of the worst, so I just saved myself the annoyance and splurged on these ladies. Come over if you want any. There's a ton left.

What I did eat wasn't half bad though.

Day 21 Food

Late breakfast at about 11 a.m. was eggs, salmon, salsa, sauerkraut, fruit, coffee. Lunch at 3 was a homemade Lara bar and some jicama and tomatoes (not the best lunch but I am pretty much out of food and I knew I should eat something). Dinner at 6 was roasted shrimp and broccoli + a baked sweet potato with coconut oil and curry powder (all lovingly made by MC). I'm drinking a cup of tea now and can't wait to go to bed early tonight. Long fabulous weekend requires long fabulous recovery sleep. We take our staycations v. seriously here! Kicked it off with a Jenn Grinels house concert on Friday and survived 1 restaurant + 4 bars as part of my father-in-law's birthday pub crawl last night. FYI: soda water can range from zero to three dollars in NE Minneapolis, depending on where you land (and probably the lavishness of your cleavage (damn it)). 

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  1. Happy Birthday Cameron Men! And Edith, I'm really proud of you for resisting all of those treats! If I wasn't on a pretty strict diet myself I would have invited myself over to 'help' eat them up. Also, soda water should ALWAYS be free. That's my 2 cents!