Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Day 17: So Much Closer to Day 30!

Right? Day 17 sounds like I'm in it to win it.

One thing I need to win it is some sleep, so I'm limiting this post to an account of what I ate today. Lucky you.


I mixed it up this morning with breakfast! Are you kind of proud of me? I had all those leftover roasted roots from last night, so I went crazy and made a hash. Added mushrooms, prosciutto, tomatoes, and Penzey's Sunny Paris seasoning. Topped it with two eggs that I'd fried up in ghee and ate it alongside my daily dose of sauerkraut. Super good. 7:30 a.m.

PWO at 11:15 (in the locker room, where I've diligently been enjoying my PWO food): homemade lara bar.


Lunch at 12:15: a banana, roast beef, guacamole with carrots, celery, and jicama.


Dinner was late as tonight we had parent-teacher conferences, so we ate after putting the children to bed. I had some apple slices and almond butter at about 7 pm and then this delightful salmon stew for dinner at 8 pm. I added jalapeƱo with the garlic and ginger and cilantro stems when I added the broth and coconut milk. MC complimented it. I contemplated seconds. It was almost - almost - as good as this one - which Sarah B. doesn't call "The Best Coconut Soup, Ever" for nothing. (FYI Sarah B. is my hero.)

I also made a giant pot of chicken stew tonight, based on another Not Without Salt recipe. (I can't call it pozole because there is neither hominy nor pork in it!) I will thank my future self for this endeavor, as it's good enough and smells wonderful and I know it will taste even better tomorrow, AND I have four lunch-sized portions of it ready to transfer to the freezer in the morning so that I can have some quick reheatable options during the next couple weeks. That said, it was a fair amount of work and next time I think I will just stick with my chile verde stew, which is simpler and, I think, more flavorful.

Enough about me. Good night. xoxooxxo

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