Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day 23: A Beautiful Day of Cooking and Continuing Legal Education

My day in pictures.


Breakfast at 7:30. Eggs poached in salsa and spinach + coffee.


I took MC to my HIIT/Chisel class today! It was so fun showing him off to my teacher and vice versa. Also, he totally killed it. He even did more jumping lunges than I did. Afterwards, had PWO chia bites at 11.

UntitledPicMonkey Collage

Marvelous day of cooking and learning.


Lunch at 1:30. Sweet potato topped with chicken pozole and avocado.


SWYPO! Which I totally rationalized. I still feel okay about it and will describe rationalization at a later date. Pictured above is a grain-, nut-, dairy-, sugar-free banana bread. My children enjoyed it with dinner and I taste-tested it. Not bad. Not not weird.

Dinner at 5:30. Pork tenderloins with squash-apple compote and pan-fried cabbage. Best dinner in a while. And gorgeous too, even though my picture isn't the best.

Sweet dreams. xx

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