Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Letter to My 6/3/14 Class Participants

Dear Mexican Basics at Home Friends,

I had an unfathomable amount of fun with you last night. I miss it. Who's planning the class reunion?

Here's a recipe for coconut tres leches cake that you can use when you're trying to find a good dessert to go with all your new Mexican food recipes. And a picture:

slice of coconut tres leches cake

And here are links to some of the influences I mentioned in class:

Yotam Ottolenghi
Plenty - especially good for those of you who are CSA members
Melissa Clark
Smitten Kitchen - not to be confused with a similarly named shop on Lake and Lyndale...
Burning River Farm - where I'm a CSA member
Local D'Lish Class Schedule

And here are some other Mexican food recipes on my website:

Refried Beans
Sweet Potato Tacos (really really good)
Best Nachos Ever (same meat filling that we used for quesadillas last night)
Homemade Mole (many ingredients, but comes together v. easily)

I look forward to seeing you at another class. Thank you for being such wonderful, helpful, inquisitive, fun class participants. You are why I love my job!

My best,