Saturday, March 21, 2015

Day 13: A Little Too Haphazard

We enjoyed a day together as a family - YWCA, Minnesota Children's Museum, get together with relatives. All good things. I tried to be prepared, packing snacks for the children and a lunch for myself, stopping at the Wedge for lunches for the rest of the family. Despite this recipe for success, my stomach didn't do great today. While I have yet to experience a true hunger pang this week, my gastrointestinal sweet spot is evidently a slave to my new eating schedule. Missing out on a proper lunch resulted in a bunch of weird snacking - it was veggies and fruit and nothing bad for me or violative of the W30 manifestos, just ill-timed and unsatisfying, resulting in a mildly upset stomach. Tea and chicken stock seem to be helping. I'm thinking an early-to-bed agenda might also be in order.

Today's food consisted of the following:

8 am breakfast: Blueberry Eggs. As close to French toast as I can get for a few weeks. I probably won't make it again. It was tasty enough and a good amount of interesting, but it seems I don't need fruit in the morning. I kind of missed my sauerkraut. Seriously. Who am I?

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10:30 am post-workout: a few chia bites

12 pm lunch: 3 tuna-sweet potato cakes, an apple

Afternoon: a few chia bites, tiny amounts of celery, pineapple, tomatoes

5:15 pm dinner: spoonful of sun butter, leftover Asian slaw with leftover roast and green beans (a delicious combo), cuppa chicken stock


Having a plan, having readily available food in the refrigerator, and being home at meal times are all extremely helpful in following the W30 rules. Tonight I'm going to get on it. Goal: this week's going to be my best week yet.

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  1. I'm all in for the best week yet, too. After all, we're about to be halfway there. The not being hungry thing is most perplexing. I eat because I know I should. But I do enjoy immesely preparing your meals when I get around to it. I think this challenge is much easier when life has more routine, but that may never be my life. I try to get by on hodgepodging veggies/fruits/leftovers and maintaining a decent amount of calories.

    I'm busier than I've ever been in my life, which can be rewarding. At this point, I know the challenge isn't insurmountable, in the least. It's a decision. But I'm weary of the psychological benefit, for myself. Physically, I feel fine throughout. I can't believe I haven't had one single sip of juice-I'm shocked! Challenge or no challenge, I never thought I could go 48 hours without at least 4 ounces of [good] juice. I know it's allowed, but I had to make it tougher for myself. I just had to.

    The enlightenment you've gotten in various ways along your journey is what excites me the most. I root for you in every way, Edith. I don't know, for some reason I'm not [food] spiritually as awakened, or haven't felt changes to aide in gaining greater perspectives, but my spirits remain on par with the challenge.

    I need a paradigm shift. Or what?