Thursday, February 19, 2015

Asian Small Platers...

Dear Sue, John, Christina, [shoot! Matt? Brandon? Brian? Your name has been eclipsed by Sue's bewitching smile - I'd avoid sitting next to her in the future!], Tanya, Kimberly, Charlie, Molly, Jeff, Kate, Laura, Joe, Carmen, Paul, Jaqueline, and Sherri:

Thanks for being so fun tonight. I had a better time than you did even. True story.

Here are the links for the recipes not in your handouts:

Thai Iced Tea
Quinoa Salad

Remember: you can omit or halve the lime juice in the magic sauce if you want it thicker and/or less limey; 3 tea bags make a fair substitute for 1 tablespoon loose leaf tea. We used rooibos tonight. I might always now. That was so dang good.

Enjoy! Hope to see you soon.


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