Friday, June 24, 2011

Jumping on the Bandwagon: An Identity Crisis!

I like a lot of food blogs. They're all listed to the right there for your reference. I check them out. You check me out. Maybe you'll check them out too. Maybe you want to know which are my ABSOLUTE favorites. Or at least the ones that I consult most often? Let's pretend you do.

Here are my top four.

101 Cookbooks: By far my most-oft-used resource. I probably make (or mess with anyway) a Ms. Swanson recipe twice a week, maybe even more often during CSA season.

Joy the Baker: Okay so I can't say I make tons of her stuff. I just drool over it. She's a real baker, you see, so some of her most enticing treats intimidate me. (Plus there was the gestational diabetes thing for a while and now I'm working on shedding the pregnancy weight that I put on before I had my daughter. (Nearly two years ago.)) But I check Joy's site daily. She is absolutely hilarious. And fascinating. And she likes pretty dresses and plates, which I like. And she loves Jesus and is a generally inspirational, positive, just-enough-self-deprecating, quirky gal. She also uses TEXT in her pictures - lately quite often - and I really really really like that.

Lottie + Doof: This dude's just plain nice. He always responds to comments promptly and thoroughly. His photographs are great and his recipes are all super accessible and he's into the local, seasonal, less meat thing. He is also big on the TEXT-in-pictures thing. He might have even started it. (My only complaint is that Tim doesn't love chocolate. But one of my best friends doesn't either and so far it hasn't been a deal-breaker.)

Smitten Kitchen: Right? What can I say? We all started reading her blog eons ago and she is the most ambitious woman-with-a-tiny-kitchen in the world it seems and she never runs out of funny. And we both have toddlers. I like that.

Okay. So these are the four food blogs that most inspire me. The first inspires me most in the kitchen. The last one inspires me to be prolific and ambitious in the kitchen. The middle two inspire me the most aesthetically and conversationally. They both, as I mentioned above, do that text-in-the-pictures thing. I love it. Really love it. More and more, I just love it. (Evidently, so does Saveur magazine.)

I love it so much I am going to try my hand at it. It will look something like this...

Mmm... shallots

... and I am v. excited about it.

But here's the deal: I'm totally having a font identity crisis. What font suits me the most? Or, more specifically, suits this blog?

Here are the fonts I like the most. In a tart pan. Because I'm clever like that.

Cake and Edith 1


My tart pan wasn't big enough.

There's more.

Cake and Edith 2

Which one(s) do you think looks the best? I'm having a hard time knowing myself. You probably know me better. So help me please.

P.S. I made a lassi this morning with peaches and a couple strawberries, no cardamom, and it was delicious. Not so much lassi-esque as kefir-esque. But super yummy.


  1. Wow. They are all so cute... I'm so bad a decisions! I kinda the bottom font from the 1st picture and the top font from the 2nd picture. Fancy and causal at the same time! :)

  2. Cute! I really like the second from the bottom on the first pic, and the top on the second one. I think the first on pulls more on the fun side and the second one is more classy causal. I think my top fav. is the first one on the second pic =)