Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Day 4 of W30 #2

Yesterday went well - zucchini-kale scramble for breakfast, chicken-veggie bowl for lunch - until I went out to dinner for a friend's birthday. I feebly abided until everyone else had alcohol and spring rolls and then I cashed in my 8% leeway and had a glass of wine and some fried things that definitely contained gluten, soy, and heaven knows what all preservatives. Everything was delicious and I had a fantastic time and all was not lost. And today I was stricter.

For breakfast: mug of homemade chicken stock, pulled pork, sautéed vegetables
Usual lunchtime when I couldn't get away for proper lunch: banana bread larabar
Actual lunch: leftover chicken curry, carrot, apple
Dinner: leftover chicken curry, greens, riced cauliflower, cup-o-kombucha

Fortunately the leftover chicken curry is absolutely outstanding so it's not bad eating it several meals in a row. Would you like to see some pictures of our food?


It's been a long time and photography has never been my strong suit, but you get the idea. That there above is the "paleo bowl" from Greenfield, one of I think three restaurants downtown where I can find a meal that is consistent with all the W30 rules but doesn't make me sad I opted for not making my own lunch. And that there below is documentation that MC's contribution is quite meaningful in 2019!


Are you impressed? Even though curry - essentially a pot of pressure-cooked mush - is not that photogenic? I am delightedly impressed. Being occasionally delightedly impressed is helpful in sustaining a longterm marriage.

And finally.


Nomnom Paleo's Spicy Tuna Cakes for my Ash Wednesday supper. The two in the corner are eggless (aquafaba as a binder) for my toddler to try.

I looked into my recount of my last Day 4 and evidently I'm doing much better this time around. It must be last night's sauvignon blanc and fried tofu. Ha! No regrets - even imperfect effort counts. Onward! Enjoy your Fat Tuesday - maybe eat an extra pancake for me. xoxo

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