Friday, January 12, 2018

Maybe I'll Make It

Minnesota has gone tundra. I'm reminded by my fellow Minneapolitans that it's all relative and that my family and I actually missed the REAL cold, which descended and camped out for nearly two weeks in late December and the first days of 2018, and which we escaped in order to spend the 2017 holidays a mile in from the Pacific Coast Highway, no jackets in sight. (We couldn't have planned it better!) We were welcomed back mildly a week ago, and were spoiled with an unseasonable dose of spring until yesterday, when the outside-temperature gauge on my car informed me that we were officially in the single digits, and later the negative digits. It's customary to complain or at least commiserate with the locals about the cold here. I mean, what we deal with most winters is unfathomable to most of the world. But as a California native, I don't take the cold for granted. I kind of love it. It affords a lot of structure to your days and forces you to think before you act. It also makes you want to turn on that oven. And stove and slow-cooker and brand new instant pot. And maybe it will make me blog again.

Last night we made this chicken faux pho for the second time - it's spectacular, and even more so on day two, you should make it!

In the upcoming freezing days, here are some things that have motivated me to get cooking:

Lasagna Style Spaghetti Squash

Baked Lemon Spinach Risotto
Lentil Bites
Tempeh and Sweet Potato Hash
Salted Butter Chocolate Cookies

Wish me luck!

And a very Happy 2018 to you!


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  1. I hope you make all of it! And let us know how they all turn out.