Saturday, March 12, 2016

Rest-of-March Meal Plan

Meal plan for ten days. More for me than you, but maybe it will inspire you. Hope springs eternal. Oh to be inspiring, she thought, self-indulgently, before eating more than her share of cookie cookies.

Day 1: Date night

We went to Grand Cafe and discovered Sunday is Sicilian pizza night. We went big (like, even dessert) and then I got to enjoy the leftovers for lunch today. I heart leftovers.

Day 2: Roasted yams and chickpeas + sautéed greens + poached pears for dessert


Day 3: Leftover lentil stew (most of us) + leftover yams and chickpeas served over rice (others of us) + green salad + avocado slices


Day 4: Brinner - starring Beeler's sausage + poached pear baked oatmeal + yogurt + carrot salad

Day 5: Spicy miso soup - swapping in my new favorite condiment, gochujang, for the Sriracha - with loads of veggies, tofu, and these unexpectedly delicious noodles (Full disclosure: my children won't eat soup, or anything spicy. They will, however, eat a plate of steamed vegetables, tofu (if it's salty and crispy enough) and al dente noodles, all drenched in butter. Deconstructed soup, if you will.)

Day 6: Rachel Khoo's salmon buns (Alicia, come on over!) + citrusy slaw

Day 7: Chorizo huevos rancheros (recipe to come) + leftover citrusy slaw + homemade baked tortilla chips

Day 8: Lentil Sloppy Joes (recipe to come) on cheesy arepas + kale chips + crudité OR weeknight coconut curry + quinoa, if timing gets tricky

Day 9: Miso chicken piccata (note: use coconut or almond flour in place of wheat flour to make this gluten free; also check your miso) + green beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes with basil vinaigrette + quinoa

Day 10: Snow Pea, Cabbage, and [Mixed Greens] Salad with Smoky Tempeh (with a side of quesadillas for the littles...)

On Day 11, somebody is going to cook for me.

Happy beautiful March.


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