Thursday, April 2, 2015

Day 25: No Snack Success!

Food goal of the day achieved. That feels good. I veered away from my ambitious meal plan and settled on a simpler dinner than my Indian-inspired feast would have been. I overcooked some bison sausages by using this typically fool-proof recipe. (I guess I'll stick to chicken sausages next time. Note: using really excellent balsamic vinegar makes a big difference here.)

Breakfast at 7:30. I went CRAZY and skipped the eggs today. You heard me. Leftover pork tenderloin hash with kale, sweet potatoes, potatoes and zucchini, all fried in a little ghee.


Lunch at 1:45. This is my dream lunch. I reheated chicken pozole, frozen spinach, and sweet potato in the microwave and topped it all with a big spoonful of Wedge guacamole. Mango kombucha  on the side there (which did not make me sick the way juice evidently does - no juice or sugar in ingredient list (just mango puree), and only 12 g carbs versus 36 in the juice).


Dinner at 6. Overcooked bison sausage, slow-cooked onions, green beans, salad with baby kale, tomatoes, purple cabbage, pan sauce from sausage and onions as dressing, and a spoonful of coconut oil.


It was a busy day with busy children. We got sunshine and play time and friend time and family time. I washed my children's feet and told them about Jesus. I ate well and anticipate sleeping well tonight. I won't be posting tomorrow and maybe not Saturday either, but I'll document everything so that I can report back asap. 

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