Monday, December 15, 2014

Business Cards (finally) and Saveur's Icelandic Rye Bread

Check it out!


I got even cuter!

But more importantly, this.

Brown Bread - sliced

I fear its appearance isn't doing it justice. But I also think it's really beautiful. (I am nothing if not conflicted.) Or maybe I can taste it in my mouth right now and the depth and aroma I'm conjuring are so so so lovely, especially warm from the oven and slathered with some good butter - I just know this bread is not as photogenic as it is delicious. It's something new, you know? At least for me. Similar in texture to a British steamed pudding, but different in that it's not all that sweet (cup of Lyle's notwithstanding).

brown bread collage

So there it is. Just a really delicious brown bread. With an incredible chew and a little bit of caramel in every bite. Handsome byproduct: since it bakes at a low temperature for 8 hours, it conveniently gives your radiators a little break. 

The recipe is here, on the Saveur website.


  1. Edith! The cards are AMAZING! Well done! Splendid! Neat-o!

  2. Love the cards! Classy, fun and informative just like you!